Autumn Is The Best Season For Gardening

Once the colder days begin to drop in, we tend to often neglect our gardens, dreading the thought of going outside to get cold and dirty. That being said, autumn is actually the perfect time to plant pretty much anything, from little cell grown plants to big trees and spring flowering bulbs. There's no need to worry about watering so regularly, or facing difficult Spring weather changes...the roots can simply settle down in the still warm, moist soil, and begin to establish.

Digging up soil

Interestingly, the RHS also discovered that autumn is a great time to plant large plants, like trees, in clay-based soil. In fact, the RHS actually revealed that 65% of UK adults aren't aware that autumn is a crucial season for gardening! And that's why we need to spread the word...

Along from this, we also recommend picking plants that will produce stunning autumnal colours- i.e., Copper Beech, Berberis, Dogwood, and so much more. As soon as you plant them, they'll begin to settle in and show off their gorgeous autumnal shades. Evergreens and perennials are always great choices, but at the end of the day, any plant you buy will need less watering, with the cooler climate and rainy days settling in- so that's a huge advantage!

Water droplets on leaves

Don't forget that autumn is the time to plant your bare roots/root ball plants, either! There's tonnes of benefits to buying these specific root types...they're eco-friendly (due to less packaging), cheaper to buy, and easier to plant. You can pre-order before autumn, too, making it twice as easy to prepare.

Now you know why autumn is the best time for gardening, check out our blog on how to prepare for autumn...or take a look at our fantastic collection of plants, and get picking now!

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