When your a gardening newbie, all the different "root types" may sound confusing and disconcerting- but don't worry, we've got your back. Here is a simple explanation of each root type, just for you, so buying your plants is as effortless and easy as it can possibly be!

Bare Root

Essentially, what you're buying is a solid, good root with a reasonable stem and side shoots- no soil involved. This may make them look rather sparse when they're first bought (especially if you buy a deciduous plant), but don't worry- by Spring, we guarantee your plant will be looking stunningly healthy and bushy!

Cherry Laurel Bare Root

Aside from this, bare root plant are generally the lowest priced type of plant you can buy- and that's because they're cheap to grow (they sit in fields for a couple of years, left to their own devices to develop naturally). So that's a big bonus, right?

That all being said, bare root plants are supplied from November- March, during the dormant season. We recommend planting them as soon as you can after they arrive (preferably before the end of December), as this will give the plant enough time to grow and establish whilst there is still a bit of warmth in the soil.

Though we recommend planting as soon as possible, you can put it off for a few days, or even up to a week, but you must make sure you keep the roots moist by placing them into a bucket of water for at least 2 hours upon delivery, then storing the plant in a sheltered spot, inside a black bag (i.e., shed or garage). 

And that's all there is to bare root plants! Pretty awesome, aren't they? Why not go and pre-order your own bare roots, right now, then you'll be geared up and ready to plant when the season comes around!

Root Ball

Most root ball plants are evergreen- they're grown in fields for a few years, before being scooped out from the ground by a machine and wrapped in a biodegradable hessian sack (which can be left on the plant when planted, making things extra easy for you!).Root Ball Leylandii

Root Ball plants are cheaper than pot grown and instant impact plants, and have a higher success rate than bare roots due to being protected with soil during delivery. We highly recommend root ball plants if looking for tall and bushy plants in as little time as possible- a perfectly economical way to develop your hedge!

They are available from late October - April. We highly recommend re-planting them straight into their permanent positions, along with a bit of Rootgrow before the new Spring arrives. If you have never bought a root ball before, please note that they should be planted within a few days/weeks before planting them (keeping the roots moist if there's a wait time). We highly recommend planting in October- December- just after they're delivered.

You will need to water the root ball very often. Completely drench the planting hole and then once planted, absolutely soak the roots again; it will need to be watered regularly throughout the first year of being re-planted. If you begin to see any yellow leaves appearing in the hot weather, this is just because the plant cannot cope with the sudden heat change and will therefore just simply need a lot of water to recover.

Now that's what a root ball plant is! An assuring, quick way to develop a bushy hedge- and at a smaller cost. So why not go and pre-order your own root ball plants, right here, right now?

Pot Grown

Plants grown in pots can be evergreen, semi-evergreen, or deciduous. Growing in pots requires a lot more effort on our behalf, as they need feeding, watering, weeding, and annual re-potting. However, besides this, they do have a very high success rate due to the plants being utterly protected by the pots until they're ready to be sent to a new home- bare root plants, especially, have a higher chance at getting damaged during delivery due to zero soil protection. 

Pot Grown Buxus Sempervirens Topiary Cone

Another major bonus to pot grown plants is that they can be left in their pots for days and weeks until being planted into the ground, without it being a risk! Just make sure you look after the plants well in the meantime by watering regularly. 

Pot grown plants are pretty self-explanatory- simply a plant in a plastic pot. The higher the size, the higher the price, but the more established the plant will be. We've dedicated our time to ensuring the plants have been nurtured well whilst sitting in our nurseries so they will arrive looking stunningly healthy!

Why not go and order your own pot grown plants right now, and you'll have fabulous, healthy plants on your doorstep in now time- available at any time of the year!

Instant Impact

Instant Impact hedging is one of the best ways to quickly and effectively create a stunning, bushy hedge in your garden. It says it all in the name. They're simply delivered as a well-established metre of hedging in one trough- one instant impact plant = 1 metre of hedging.

By planting Instant Hedging, you can transform your outdoor space fast- there's no stress of feeding at the right time, watering regularly, or ensuring the young plant is protected from harsh weather- that's all done for you (for several years!). When it arrives on your doorstep, it will be a full-grown, mature hedge which would have taken you about 5 years to grow in your own garden. Miraculous!

Instant Impact hedging

As instant impact plants take a lot of time, effort, care, and money to grow (on our behalf), buying these plants can be a lot more expensive than pot grown, root ball, or bare root- so if you don't quite have the budget, don't worry. Why not go and check out our bare root or root ball options? These are a much cheaper way to buy your hedging- you just have to put a little more work into getting that beautiful, bushy hedge.

However, if cost isn't a worry, instant impact is definitely the way forward when time isn't on your side, or even if you're just a newbie to gardening and find it difficult to establish your own plants successfully!

Plus- they're available all year, and can be planted year-round. No waiting involved. So why not go check out our fantastic instant impact plants, now, and order your own?


Now that's all the root types explained, don't hesitate to browse through our hedging species and pick out your own! Feel free to contact us at sales@glenmorenurseries.co.uk or give us a buzz at 0330 555 1020. We would love to help.