Great Backyard Bird Count!

Every February, since 1988, the world comes together to celebrate the love of birds. People are invited to spend time searching for as many birds as possible, over four days. The number each person counts is then reported into 'eBird.'

The project became a global project in 2013, becoming the world's biggest biodiversity-related citizen science project, as well as the first to collect data on wild birds and show results in near real time.

No matter how many birds you count, participating is easy and fun for the whole family! Spend four days in February (from 18th-21st in 2022), enjoying the wonders of nature...

Wild Bird

That all being said, you can bring the birds to your own home, too, by sticking to the best hedging plants that attract wildlife.

We highly recommend plants such as English Holly, Hawthorn, Crab Apple, Cotoneaster, and Blackthorn- all of which produce wonderful fruits for the birds, and have the potential to provide a safe, secure hide-out.

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