Your Gardening Checklist For August

Now we're drawing closer to the middle of summer, I think you'll find there's more to do in the garden than ever before! Here's a few tasks to keep you on your toes this month...

Garden Maintenance

  1. Give your Laurel hedges a trim - be sure to avoid using hedge trimmers, and instead use a pair of secateurs, to prevent half-cut leaves turning brown
  2. Keep on deadheading border plants
  3. Remove any suckers from roses/base of trees
  4. Prepare soil for sowing turf/lawn during September/October
  5. Get rid of any lawn weeds, and apply a lawn weed killer
  6. Remove any weeds from paving/driveways before they establish.


  1. Deadhead dahlias and other perennials to encourage a consistent display
  2. Keep rhododendrons well watered throughout late summer
  3. Prune your rambling roses, removing around 1/3 of stems that have previously flowered, and tie in with supports
  4. Keep pots/hanging baskets well-watered, and ensure they're regularly deadheaded
  5. Plant autumn bulbs in pots and borders
  6. Sow hardy annuals into sunny spots for summer colour next year
  7. Strim or mow wildflower areas now they've finished scattering their seeds
  8. Trim your lavender plants once flowering is over, to maintain their bushy, compact shape - where possible, do not cut into old wood.

Fruit & Veg

  1. Prune your apple trees, to encourage a good fruiting in following years
  2. Plant well-rooted strawberry plants into new beds
  3. Use netting to protect blackberries/autumn raspberries from birds
  4. Harvest fresh herbs
  5. Water your crops regularly, especially when it is hot (ensuring you do so first thing in the morning, or last thing in the evening)
  6. Keep an eye out for potato or tomato blight - ensure you remove any affected plants immediately
  7. Plant blueberry bushes.


So, as you can see, there's lots to be getting on with this month! Remember, watering your plants enough during the summer is very important, too. Especially young, vulnerable plants which are not able to source as much water lower down in the soil. Ensure you test the soil before watering, as you don't want to water too much, either!

If you're needing any further assistance or have any questions, please feel free to contact our team on 0330 555 1020, or email We would be more than happy to help.