Why You Should Plant Mixed Native Hedging

You may not know that native hedging has many benefits to both your garden and your local area, even though it is recommended to gardeners so often. It's often a confusing subject, so we've put together the perfect blog for you.

Let's pin down the benefits to make sure you know exactly why you should invest in a mixed native hedgerow...

1. It has many environmental benefits

Native hedging can help restore nature's beauties and balance. Over the years, the popularity of natural hedging has dramatically decreased, so by planting your own native hedging mix, you will put your own foot forward in helping to balance nature. It can help to reduce pollution content, decrease the effects of climate change, and prevent soil erosion, too!

Native hedging plants are specifically suited to tolerate the individual conditions within a particular region- this is because the species have been around that region for many years and have naturally developed to tolerate any potential conditions (i.e., freezing/hot temperatures, and different soil types). 

That being said, if you plant your own native hedging, you will be guaranteed a lovely, successful hedgerow that can easily tolerate the conditions it is faced with.

Dog Rose native hedging

2. They're low maintenance 

Though there are many other benefits to planting native hedging, it's fair to say we all love it when plants don't need a tonne of maintenance.

You can sit back and relax with pretty much every native hedging/shrub, as it looks its best when left to grow in its own natural way. As they mature and develop, the plants simply sit and boast colours and textures in their own, individual, natural ways. Seriously, what's not to like?

That being said, though it isn't recommended, you can still easily prune your mixed native hedge every year or so (which is especially preferred when space is limited), just to keep it under control and in the desired shape/height.

low maintenance native hedging

3. Can increase wildlife interest

As there are so many native hedging species out there, you can get the benefits of flowers, vibrant foliage, berries, and seeds, every single season- providing you with an abundance of garden interests year-in, year-out.

Native plants provide a tonne of resources for wildlife, meaning your garden will be crammed with a huge variety of insects, birds, and animals that will thoroughly enjoy touring the hedging. 

During their existence, these creatures also highly rely on native hedging as they use them to shelter and feed on, so you're not only encouraging wildlife, but you're also helping maintain the entire ecosystem of animals, insects, plants, and microorganisms within your region, too!

bee on dog rose

4. Noise deterrent and privacy protection

Native hedging can provide an excellent boundary, sometimes even better than a wall or fence- and they naturally reduce noise and wind!

Rather than the wind hitting the fence at full power, the hedging "slows" the impact down, therefore protecting other plants in your garden and providing a nice shelter for the wildlife.

5. Have an attractive appearance

Not only does native hedging deter noise, provide you with some privacy, increase wildlife, have a low maintenance upkeep, and help protect the environment, but the plants also have many attractive attributes. This includes fruits, flowers, and colourful foliage.

Having a mixed native hedge can provide you with all three of the above- what a bonus!

You can have gorgeous colours all year- whether that's from delicate flowers, rich foliage, or bursting berries, every native species has its own special, unique attributes.

Rose hips

Now you know all about the awesome benefits and attributes to planting a mixed native hedge, why not go and have a look at some of our favourite species?

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