This Year's November Garden

The frosty mornings are appearing, the temperature is slowly dropping, and dark nights are beginning to settle quickly! That's exactly what November is all about...but it doesn't mean we can't keep on looking after our gardens!

With the cold weather drawing in, it's more important than ever to look after your plants and keep them safe. Read our guide on protecting your plants during Winter, to find out more.

Ice on leaves

It's bare root season!

We're more than happy to say it's finally bare root season!! Any bare roots you pre-ordered over the past few months will be on their way to your doorstep very shortly. Don't forget- when your bare roots do arrive, they will need to be planted as soon as possible. You don't want the roots to dry out, as this will create a massive dent in how successful they grow. Should you need to wait a couple of days, however, you will need to keep the roots well watered and in a cool, dry place (i.e., shed or garage).

Pot grown plants are available year-round, however, and can be planted at any time of the year, with greater impact! You can wait for days and weeks to plant, too, making them a popular choice for those who have little time on their hands.

Don't forget to protect your plants

You will need to protect any young hedges or shrubs from the sudden cold, windy weather- we recommend a netting windbreak, if you don't have any natural shelter. To protect them from frost, place some mulch (i.e., straw or lawn cuttings), around the base of each plant. This will give the young plants ultimate protection.


Now is the perfect time to remove those spent flowers, and cut back your deciduous plants. As we are now entering the dormant season, your plants will not grow any further, so it's the best time to prune.

You can only prune deciduous trees/shrubs/hedges in Autumn or Winter. Any pruning of evergreen plants will need to be left to Spring.

Pick up fallen leaves

Any fallen leaves that will cause a slipping hazard should be removed- i.e., on your pathways or decking. Any leaves on your grass or under shrubs/hedges, can be left, as it acts as a heat insulator and will not cause any damage- you just need to ensure none of the leaves will become hazardous. But for those who prefer a neat and tidy garden, now is the best time to get your garden rake out! Don't forget to compost the leaves, of course...

Now that's about it for November. The bare root season is in, all young plants need some protection, pruning of your deciduous plants can be done, and fallen leaves should be kept at bay.

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