Inspiration For This Year's Garden Resolutions

We've reached the beginning of yet another year, and it's time to make a list of all those garden resolutions to ensure you get the very best out of your outdoor space this year! 

Here's some inspiration for your garden resolutions, in which each one will help you to create a stunning, perfectly organised garden...

Organise Your Tools

Tools are something you need in any garden, to complete a garden task effectively. Organising your tools at the beginning of the year, and keeping them organised throughout the year, will ensure you can complete your gardening tasks at ease- no need to waste time hunting away for the tools you need, every time you would like to get a job done!

Prepare Plants For Pests

Any garden faces problems with pests...whether that's insects, weeds, or rabbits, we all have the potential to face something trying to invade our plants!

Therefore, we recommend you to prepare your plants at the beginning of the year, by doing the following:

  • Regularly check for weeds that are just starting to grow, and get rid of them straight away- ensure you pull the roots out!
  • If you're looking to plant a vegetable garden, ensure you fence it off before sowing any seeds (to avoid rabbits nibbling away).
  • Ensure you do a bit of research before planting anything new in your garden- look for pest-resistant species or varieties that will not be at risk to becoming problematic.

Improve Water Preservation

As important as it is to preserve water in particularly drought-prone areas, it's recommended every gardener does their best to retain and conserve as much water as they can for their plants.

The best way to do this is by using mulch- adding on about 2" mulch around the base of every plant will help the soil to retain plenty of water. Not only will it mean you will not have to water your plants as much, but it also means less weeding! The mulch can successfully act as a weed suppressant.

That being said, if you have other areas of your garden that needs much more water (particularly if you live in a dry area), something like an irrigation system or sprinkler works very well- often people will use these for lawns or veggie gardens.

Consider a Challenging Project

With a brand new year to work with, taking on a creative, challenging garden project could be one of your best resolutions yet. The possibilities are endless, but why not try creating your own trellis, or sprucing up the garden beds with some striking border plants. Do a bit of research and discover what you'd love to experiment creating this year...

After all, no matter what happens, it'll always be a lesson learned!

Enjoy Your Outdoor Space Further

With our busy lives, we often end up going days without taking a moment to appreciate the fragrance of our lush flowers, and sit watching the birds flittering around.

Try adding a few potted plants next to your outdoor chairs, or creating your own firepit! Whatever you decide to do, each development will help encourage you to spend a little more time in your own garden, enjoying the beautiful surroundings that you've helped create.