How To Make Your Own Festive Wreath

Wreaths are a beautiful way to welcome guests into the home...but often they can cost you between £30-£50, depending on the size and variety you're wanting. So if you're looking to save yourself a bit of money, and are feeling a bit creative, using your own plants and supplies is the best way to make your own festive wreath!

There are only a few basic things you will need...

  • Three short bunches of fir- you can even use off-cuts from your Christmas tree for this!
  • Two stems of holly with berries
  • Three stems that have cones attached
  • Cluster of crab apples
  • A wreath base- this can be a bought wire one, or a natural one made out of birch twigs, for example.
  • Florist wire
  • Red ribbon

Of course, these are the basics to creating the ultimate festive wreath, but it is possible to use whatever you wish! Snowberries, Dogwood stems, dried flowers, and rose hips can create fabulous decorations, too. There really is endless possibilities to creating wreaths...

How to make your own festive wreath


  1. Begin by securing your sprigs of fir to the wreath base, using florist wire. Repeat the process with the remainder of your fir- overlap each bunch to ensure you cover any gaps. You may end up needing more fir, depending on the size of wreath you're making.
  2. Then begin to add the pieces- start with holly sprigs, and cones, tying them in with more wire. Then wind wire around the stems of crab apple clusters- dotting them here and there on your wreath.
  3. Next, add any other decorations you would like- i.e., dried flowers or rose hips. There are so many possibilities, it just depends on how full you would like your wreath to be. Of course, you can just stick to holly, fir cones, and crab apples, too.
  4. Lastly, tie in the ribbon. Poke a bit of wire into the back of the wreath, securing in place at the back. This way, you can attach the ribbon to the top and make a bow- now you will be able to hang your wreath from its bow.
  5. That's it! Making wreaths doesn't have to be difficult. You're not only saving yourself money, but you can make new ones every year and experiment with lots of different plants!