February Garden Checklist

Spring is approaching quickly- time to get the garden prepared!

As flower bulbs begin to sprout, and the temperature slowly increases, there's plenty to do out in your garden space....

  1. Prune any winter flowering shrubs that have died back. 
  2. Cut back any overgrown deciduous hedges, and prune your hardy evergreen hedging.
  3. Prepare your vegetable seed beds, and begin sowing some vegetables under cover.
  4. Protect new blossom on fruit trees- i.e. peaches/nectarines/apricots- as they are very vulnerable to frost.
  5. Place nets over fruit and vegetable beds to keep the birds away once they begin to produce crop again.
  6. Now is the best time to prune Wisteria plants.
  7. Cut back any old foliage from ornamental grasses before new growth begins in spring.
  8. Remove any spent blooms from pansies, to encourage a new set of flowers when the weather warms up a little.
  9. Prune your Rhododendrons- it is still the dormant season, so you still have time!
  10. Lift and move any snowdrops that are still in the green- this is the perfect chance to move them elsewhere/spread them around the garden in different places.

Now that's a few jobs listed...but there's always more to be done. Make sure your beds and borders are still in good shape for planting in the summer, and be sure to plant any bare root plants before the season runs out!

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