10 Ways to Prepare Your Garden for Autumn

Now that Autumn is approaching, it's time to roll your sleeves up and get preparing for another season in the garden! Here are our best and most useful tips to get geared up and ready for Autumn...

Cut the grass

Whilst there are still a few dry, warm days here and there, it's time to prepare your lawn for the Autumn and Winter months by giving it one last, big cut. You don't want to leave it to get really long, as it's pretty much near impossible to cut it during the Winter- so don't hold back! Get your lawnmower out and get straight to it...

Keep the fallen leaves at bay

You don't want to ignore fallen leaves and let them build up- if you do, they'll quickly turn to mulch and you'll be faced with a wet, slippery mess of leaves (which are not only worse to clean up, but they're also rather dangerous to have lying around on the ground!).

Clean up fallen leaves

Clean up and clear out

Think of cleaning the garden like a Spring clean, but just in the Autumn. We highly recommend clearing and cleaning your shed/greenhouse before storing anything for the Winter. This will give you a clean space and clear mind- no need to worry about where everything will go!

Protect the plants

Quite often frosty weather comes when we least expect it, meaning we're left more than often unprepared. Therefore, the best thing to do is to just store any plants that are vulnerable to cold, frost weather, in your conservatory/greenhouse. Doing this in late Summer/early Autumn will give you peace that no frost can damage that lovely plant foliage!

Protect your pots

As important as it is to protect the vulnerable plants, it's also important to store your potted plants, and empty pots correctly throughout the Winter. We highly recommend insulating your empty pots with cardboard/bubble wrap and raising your potted plants off the ground (this will ensure they don't get waterlogged from all the pouring rain).

Protecting your pots

Pack away your garden accessories

It's just as important to pack away or cover up your garden accessories as it is to protect the plants! Therefore, it's recommended you pack away any garden items which are susceptible to cold, wet weather- pop them into that clean shed of yours, or if they won't fit, just cover them up well.

Get your hands on some Autumn planting bulbs

It's time to talk about those beautiful spring flowers we all love to see. If you love to see the sight of Alliums, Daffodils, or Crocuses, scattered over your garden in Spring, then now is the time to plant your Autumn bulbs. Don't have any to plant? Fear not- check out our fantastic Autumn Bulb collection and pick some out now!

Planting autumn bulbs- crocus

Feed the wildlife

Amongst all the preparation for a new season, we tend to forget about feeding the wildlife. But really, it's just as important to feed those little garden visitors of yours- simply pop some seeds out on the bird table, and they'll be happy...

De-weed your garden

If you don't deal with your weeds before the Autumn and Winter months kick in, then you'll be left with a lot of weeding to do in Spring- which is something none of us want, let's be honest. Therefore, the best way to prevent a massive Spring job, is by simply getting rid of those pesty weeds as soon as possible in early Autumn. Pick them out by their roots or dig them up, too, as this will prevent them from quickly growing back again.


Cut any Perennial plants

Perennial plants have a very hardy nature, meaning they will survive through even frosty weather! They can often keep growing through the colder months, meaning they keep on growing and get a little out of hand- becoming a nuisance. Therefore, the best way to prevent this is simply by cutting them back to soil level and disposing the cuttings.


Now that's our top ten tips for preparing for the Autumn. It's all about cleaning, clearing, and protecting! You don't want to leave things to get out of hand, leaving yourself with a huge list of Spring jobs, now, do you?

Go check out our Autumn Bulb Planting Guide for the best advice and recommendations on planting bulbs, too!

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