Why haven't my Hydrangeas flowered?

Hydrangeas are one of the most beautiful, flowering bushes out there. Their stunning, large clusters of flowers are mighty popular amongst many gardens...but it's definitely frustrating when your Hydrangea bush doesn't flower. You were looking forward to seeing a stunning display of colour in your garden, only to be disappointed when you don't see the flower buds appear.

Well, there's two main possible reasons this could be happening:

  1. The Hydrangea you've chosen isn't suited to your garden/area- it's important to check which Hydrangea type suits your region, and to ensure they will be able to grow and establish to their full potential (and be successful in product flowers!).
  2. You've pruned it too hard the year before- this is quite a common problem that people face, as Hydrangeas tend to grow quite large, and they then get chopped back too far to try keep them under control. This ends up in the plant not having enough strength to be produce blooms and will instead die off much earlier than normal. However, this is fixable. Just stick to pruning in early spring (in smaller parts), and next you will see the flowers come back again!